Wild & wondrous Weddings

Wedding Photography

I love the wild and wondrous. For me these two words encapsulate the moments and places in life where everything feels most precious, fragile, alive and exciting. Weddings are inevitably wondrous. Two people declaring their love to one another, and usually in the presence of their most special people, creates an atmosphere unlike any other, one filled with people's deepest emotions: happiness, vulnerability, excitement, anticipation and deep joy. Wonder is everywhere. Life feels amazing and rich. Having the opportunity to photograph this wealth of wonder is a privilege that I cherish and love. 

My photographic style is generally candid. I focus on the intimate moments, the joyous expressions of surprise, the tears, the delight the couple see in each other and amongst their guests. I also love to find the small things that highlight the atmosphere of your day, the things that make it unique - the details of the decorations, the stitches on a dress, the leaves on a nearby tree. My goal is to show you the wonders of your day from a photojournalistic perspective. 

I have a particular love for photographing weddings that embrace the wild. I got married on a mountain top amidst eucalypts, rocks and the wind that inevitably blows in Tasmania. I have photographed around the world, in snow, ice and the frigid winter of Mongolia. If you are getting married on a mountain top, I love to make weather a feature, rather than a limit to the day.